The Gift of Resetting and New Beginnings

By cayuga

Mar 31, 2020

Imagine a game that never ends. Imagine a workday that never finishes. Imagine a train that never stops. That’s how we have been living.

No doubt that today’s situation brings a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but if we are able to take a more holistic approach to this whole new reality, soon enough we would realize that it’s a new beginning physically, mentally and spiritually for all of us.

As a hotelier, an industry that never stops is experiencing one of the most challenging times in history while our lobbies and rooms are vacant, sitting and waiting for this moment to pass.

The Gift of Resetting

While we all had to make many difficult business decisions this past week, living through an emotional roller coaster, I invite you to take a broader perspective on what’s coming… the gift of resetting. Today’s reality is already directing us to look deeply into the way we lead and manage our business, to be more financially conscious and caring about the people around us.

From the business perspective, we hoteliers are in front of the greatest opportunities to reset our operations, embrace the change that is undoubtedly coming and ask ourselves how my hotel experience would change, what my new hotel story would be, what I would do differently to achieve better results operationally and financially, how my employees would make a difference in service. While we have all read numerous articles about hotel upcoming trends, my approach goes beyond a new service or amenity.

The Fear of Uncertainty

As businesses are being shut down, don’t let the fear of uncertainty come to you. Direct your energy drafting a long term plan, embracing today’s reality with a positive mindset envisioning what you would do differently when the time to open those doors is back. No need to rush as it’s commonly known that it will take time for business to get back up, but instead think of what your dream team would look like, how you would attract your new guests while doing anything possible to exceed their new ‘unknown’ expectations.

It will be inevitable to make solely financial decisions at the beginning and that’s ok. While executing your contingency plan, reviewing current service providers, outsourcing departments/positions, reducing marketing fees and operational costs, don’t lose sight on the new beginning, on the attributes that will make your brand and your hotel stand out.

Change and Predictions

We are about to live a new world, no question. Things will be different, people will be different. There are already predictions on how Covid-19 will change our lives forever. For those who embrace the fact that a lifetime opportunity is about to begin, will benefit by shifting their business model into the new decade.

As a passionate hotelier and consultant, I am extremely optimistic and eager to help my clients navigate through these times, bringing a new perspective for those guests looking to live more meaningfully and purposefully experiences.

The gift of resetting is a lifetime experience… you have the power to press that button, don’t let it pass.

Luis Gallotti is a former member of Cayuga Hospitality Consultants.

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