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Expert Witness, Foodservice Operations

Great Neck, New York, United States
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An expert witness for the hospitality industry, providing consulting and testimony drawing from 32 years as a successful restaurant operator, full service consultant, food product developer & trainer.

Key Consulting Services

  • Expert Witness
  • Fast Casual Restaurant Concept & Development
  • Restaurant Training & Executive Coaching
  • Food Product Development & Launch Services
  • Green Hospitality Practices & Training


Alan Someck and his firm Keystone Hospitality Solutions provides full service consulting from concept development through launch with a focus on fast casual concepts. This includes business plans, menu, branding, financials and design. Alan brings a wealth of expertise and resources that he has developed in the industry over 30 years. Alan is also an accomplished expert witness and has been engaged in a variety of cases involving the hospitality industry. He has provided high quality reports and testimony on issues such as wages, operational reviews and safety incidents. As a partner in Food Startup Help, Alan works with clients to develop new food products including recipes, cost analysis, branding, production and distribution. Alan has provided extensive executive coaching and training to staff to help develop leadership and business skills. Alan has directed 7 grants from the EPA to promote Green practices in the industry. He has conducted over 450 trainings to support operators become sustainable and profitable.


  • Alan is a 30 year operator of high volume restaurants, in which he has managed all facets of the business. In his consulting practice, he has worked with many clients to develop their concepts. For the past 10 years, Alan also has taught at the Institute for Culinary Education in NYC and at NYIT where he has taught all aspects of the restaurant business. His students have opened fast casual restaurants, cafes, bakeries and fine dining operations. In addition, Alan has worked with clients to develop food products for market such as protein bars, cookies and brownies. He has also directed 7 EPA grants to train operators in Green sustainable practices. Throughout his career, Alan has supported the success of entrepreneurs through executive coaching and training. He has created an extensive network of industry professional who he works with on a regular basis. His experience and expertise has led to him develop a well regarded expert witness practice.

Professional & Other

Licenses and Degrees
• Bachelors of Science in Management- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
• Masters Degree Social Psychology - San Diego State University
• Teachers License New York State: Hospitality Education
• Adjunct Professor Hospitality
• SEAK Expert Witness Intensive Seminar Program
• Conducted Workshops for New York State Restaurant Association in Food Cost Control
• Conducted Food Waste Management Workshop in Hangzhou China
• Franchise Training Workshops
• Serv Saf Food Handler Certified Instructor
• Serv Saf Alcohol Certified Instructor
• CPR Certified
Articles/Interviews in Publication
• Forbes.Com
• Full Service Restaurant
• Chef Magazine
• Food Dive
• Restaurant Insider
• The Consultant’s Corner Monthly Newsletter
• Franchise KnowHow
• Modern Food Service

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