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Branding, Marketing & Feasibility

Los Angeles, California, United States
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A luxury-lifestyle entrepreneur, brand creator and operator, Cara Federici's extensive design, digital marketing, web development, revenue strategy and sales expertise deliver proven methodologies to create and scale hospitality brands.

Key Consulting Services

  • Web Design, Digital Marketing, Branding & Identity
  • Sales & Revenue Management
  • FFE & OSE Sourcing and Design
  • Documentation Manuals and SOPS
  • Talent Aquisition and Training


Cara Federici demonstrates performance excellence in hospitality, specializing in web design, digital marketing, branding & identity, revenue management, as well as sales and operations management within the upscale, luxury-lifestyle sectors. Her extensive leadership skills acquired from over 20 years of executive level leadership, including launching multiple, highly sought after hotels and luxury residences across the globe. She is a trusted Senior Advisor, often acting as Owner's Representation in support of Capital Partners, Real Estate Developers, Independent Owners, Management Companies, and various other Stakeholders who are focused on capturing the highest return on investment. Cara is a visionary and seasoned hotelier with a proven track record of success.


  • A luxury-lifestyle entrepreneur, brand creator and implementor, Cara Federici, and her firm, The Madison Melle Agency, are responsible for ideating and bringing to life some of the most forward-thinking hospitality, real estate, media, and technology brands. With extensive design, digital marketing, web development and management expertise, Federici’s proven track record of success is derived from collaborating with a multitude of the world’s most notable names in their respective industries, including Fast Company, Standard Hotels, Brookfield Properties, Hilton, Palisociety, IHG, Wylder Hotels and Proper Hospitality. Most recently, Federici launched Tech Theory Group, a high-performance technology advisory firm, designing & delivering best in class managed information technology solutions and infrastructure services. The Madison Melle Agency & Tech Theory Group are published regularly in national and industry press publications and are honored to work with a stunning portfolio of clients featured in Forbes, Travel & Leisure’s It List, Business Insider, New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, The Washington Post, Vogue, and more.

Professional & Other

Cara attended Parsons School of Design in New York City and graduated Cum Laude from Tulane University, with a Bachelor of the Arts in Communications, and a double minor in Business and Art Studio. She was the sole recipient of the Ashton Phelps Award for Communications Excellence. Cara also holds a Certificate from Cornell University for Real Estate Development and Asset Management. Cara is an active Volunteer & Advisor for Saira Hopsitality, a non-profit offering Hospitality education, and developing them into leaders among the industry.

Cara's Latest Articles & Case Studies

Cara Federici

To Deflag, Or Not to Deflag. That is the Question

By Cara Federici May 23, 2023

As the lights begin to brighten on a dimmed world of the post-COVID era, the hospitality and tourism sectors have started to...

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Cara Federici

Artificial Intelligence Meets Hospitality

By Cara Federici May 23, 2023

Let’s face it, the world is technology centric – there is no going back. As we move past the setbacks of 2020,...

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Cara Federici

Five Marketing Techniques Hoteliers Can Count On

By Cara Federici May 23, 2023

Hospitality marketing teams have a tough job to do these days.  Pivot, pivot – and pivot again.   As we all know, the...

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