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Receivership, Asset Management, Training

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
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Expert in Receivership Management. Visionary hotelier with 20+ years experience building, operating and developing hotels throughout the country, and disruptive approach towards future of hospitality.

Key Consulting Services

  • Hotel Management
  • Receivership & Crisis Management
  • Property Development
  • Hospitality Training & eLearning Technologies
  • Technology for Disruptive Marketing & Sales


Ken Edwards has built his career and company, Tristar Hotel Group, by focusing on developing properties and managing them successfully. In over 20 years, Tristar has managed over 75 properties in 17 different states, within different segments and with different brands. His hand-on approach on management and disruptive problem-solving skills have been proven to help newly developed or existing hotels. As both an owner and an operator, Ken has a broad perspective on hotel management, understanding both sides. This provides Ken an extensive toolkit to make things work in a property, especially in hard times. Ken has managed over 30 distressed properties under receivership. He provides an end-to-end crisis management solution for properties in need. As an important addition to his hotel business, he has been working in hospitality training area, developing the industry leading eLearning platform HMBookstore.


  • Ken received a B.S. in Hotel Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a top hospitality university in the nation. In addition, Ken graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, continuing - education in the Food and Beverage field and he received M.S. in Hospitality Management from University of South Florida Muma College of Business. As owner of Tristar Hotel Group, Ken spends most of his time building, operating and developing hotels throughout the country, as well as serving in Receivership Management roles and advising owners and lenders of distressed properties. Along with Tristar Hotel Group, Ken also owns HMBookstore, a web-based learning management system providing hospitality training to university students, hotel operators and hotel employees globally. Currently HMBookstore is providing two separate certificates under USF The M3 Center for Hospitality Technology and Innovation and America’s largest hotel ownership association, AAHOA. Lastly, Ken owns Hotel Management Online, LLC, the worldwide rights to other technologies, such as a data driven marketing tool, Rover.


Ken is a visionary in our industry. Upon him taking over the management in our property, we have seen fundamental changes to our daily operations that made our asset more efficient and sustainable during challenging times. He has extensive experience in managing properties and increasing the bottom line. Ken understands the industry and is connected to key people who can shift things around. During the time we have worked on our property so far, I’m astounded by his drive to lead the industry towards new horizons through his interest in technology. Highly recommended for any project that requires strong leadership, Ken & his team will deliver


– Ryan Z, Kinser Group LLC

Professional & Other

With Tristar, Ken and his team have operated over 75 properties all over the country, with a specialized expertise in Western & Southwest region. He has a hands-on approach to day-to-day processes, focusing on problem solving and developing profitable businesses. With over 20 years of experience and tenure in the industry, he has been a columnist on leading hospitality publications, served in multiple committees for IHG such as Direct Sales Committee as Chairman, Holiday Inn Express Committee, Holiday Inn Committee, and IHG Frequent Travel Committee - Priority Club. He also served as Board of Director for InterContinental Hotel Group. Right now Ken is focusing on digital transformation in the hospitality industry, equipping his company with technology people to create bleeding-edge digital marketing & data analysis tools, and seamless hotel experience throughout the different types of properties, as he sees digital transformation is the next big thing for the hospitality industry.

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Ken Edwards

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By Ken Edwards May 23, 2023

During crisis times, the hospitality industry becomes fragile as demand is driven by guests. Conditions that affect guests also affect the business....

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