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Non-Rooms and Rooms Pricing Strategies

DC, Washington, United States
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I help hotels develop guest-centric pricing of non-rooms services – parking, restaurant/bar, spa & ancillaries – to increase profit & guest satisfaction for the entire hotel.

Key Consulting Services

  • Non-Rooms Pricing Strategy Based on Owner & Hotel Goals
  • Non-Rooms Pricing Tools & Analysis
  • Consumer & Competitive Pricing Analysis
  • Long-Term Business & Marketing Strategy Review


Peter has helped large and small companies develop 3, 5 and 10-year strategic growth plans, using his experience as Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development at American Express. Based on analysis and testing with a wide range of upscale to luxury hotels globally for Hilton, Peter has developed a series of benchmarking, sales and customer analysis tools to help hotels develop “fair pricing” for non-rooms services, such as parking, meetings, restaurant & bar, spa, grab & go, resort fees and other ancillaries. By developing the non-rooms pricing strategy in concert with their rooms pricing strategy, Peter can help owners & GM’s determine a “total hotel” strategy to reduce guest upset with “nickel & diming,” improve overall guest experience and generate incremental revenue and profit. Peter can help hotels develop a variety of initial pricing options from “good, better, best” to an extensive range of price points to enable guests to find what they want at the price they are willing to pay. Based on results and market conditions, Peter can work with hotels to identify re-pricing opportunities to maximize revenue, profit and guest satisfaction.


  • In Peter’s ten-plus years as Vice President at American Express (AmEx), he created and implemented the Preferred Airline Program for Amex Travel, grew the AmEx Retail Travel offices in the US Western Region over 40% and led the team that created the strategy to globalize AmEx Corporate Card & Business Travel and helped oversee initial implementation. During his 5-1/2 years as global leader for non-rooms pricing for Hilton, Peter created a central resource to help all Brands and hotels globally develop pricing for their non-rooms services and developed pricing processes & tools, trained over 200 hotel GM’s, provided pricing analysis & recommendations that generated significant increases in revenue, profit and guest satisfaction at key hotels and led the teams for the first two Global Pricing Weeks, introducing an emphasis on pricing the entire hotel.

Professional & Other

Wharton MBA in Marketing, BA in Political Science/International Relations – University of Pennsylvania, American Express Chairman Silver Award for Quality, Hilton HP2 Award for High Performance, High Potential, Preferred Pricing Society coursework, extensive studies in French & Spanish and usage in travels.

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