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Peter Van Allen

8 Reasons Why Hotels Should Offer Valet Parking

By Peter Van Allen Apr 30, 2019

Would you like to transform your hotel’s parking to become a highly profitable part of your hotel that attracts ...

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Jim Lopolito

Camp Foodservice Consulting Case Study – Improved Service, Satisfaction, Sanitation and Costs

By Jim Lopolito Oct 25, 2018

Surprise Lake Camp Case Study A Unique Foodservice Consulting Assignment Surprise Lake Camp (SLC) in Putnam County New ...

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Jim Lopolito

Concentrating on Restaurant Expense Loss

By Jim Lopolito Aug 20, 2018

Restaurant expense loss controls and regular management can be the difference between restaurant success and failure. ...

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Jim Lopolito

Case Study: Restaurant Profitability in an Established Operation

By Jim Lopolito Jun 27, 2018

Regardless of the number of years a restaurant and/or bar has been operating, having a check-up can bring efficiencies ...

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Preston Rideout

The Million Dollar Question – Cocktail Profitability and Recipe Deviation Cost

By Preston Rideout Jun 5, 2017

Achieving, maximizing and sustaining cocktail profitability requires a foundation in fact, not conjecture. Bar math, ...

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