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Jim Lopolito

Case Study: Restaurant Profitability in an Established Operation

By Jim Lopolito Jun 27, 2018

Regardless of the number of years a restaurant and/or bar has been operating, having a check-up can bring efficiencies ...

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Haydn Kramer

What the Millennial told me about Hotels…Dude!

By Haydn Kramer Apr 11, 2018

How to gain loyal millennial hotel guests - or guests of any generation? It's about genuine humility in service, ...

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Chuck Kelley

Why Do You Need a Hotel Quality Assurance Audit?

By Chuck Kelley Mar 12, 2018

Engaging an experienced hospitality professional to perform a hotel quality assurance audit takes a property review a ...

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Bill Carroll, Ph. D.

Should the Mix of OTA Room Nights Be…?

By Bill Carroll, Ph. D. Nov 21, 2017

OTA's may in fact have an effect on EBITDA, but how much might it cost to replace foregone OTA room nights with non-OTA ...

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Chuck Kelley

Service, Profit or Both? It’s All About the Balance

By Chuck Kelley Aug 22, 2017

Hotel service excellence is an integral part of your success and it can be the differentiating factor. The point is ...

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The Relationship Between LEED Hotel Design and Guest Satisfaction

By cayuga Aug 8, 2017

The goal of this paper is to highlight those actions that can change the experience of the customer during their stay ...

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