Purchasing a Hotel Asset Market Feasibility Study

Cayuga Consultants can assess hotel investment and development objectives, perform market financial modeling, identify risks, and offer insight and strategic support for feasibility and market analysis. The first step in the purchase of an asset or development of a hotel or food and beverage outlet should always be a market and feasibility study. To make an informed decision you need to know how your asset is expected to perform over the long term. The study will also assist you to make data based decisions on:

  • Market segment – economy to luxury or fast food to fine dining
  • Brand – choose the right brand for the specific market and avoid brand proliferation
  • Right size – 100 rooms or 500 rooms, 50 seats or 200 seats
  • Facilities criteria – what amenities should be part of the product offering – function space, spa, private dining, pool, exercise facilities and the such
  • What enhancements will help reposition the asset for success?

Making the right data based decisions prior to purchase or development to a hospitality business will lead to long term financial success. This expert guidance helps to improve the owner’s market share objectives, project positioning and hotel branding to maximize market potential.

Market Analysis Consultants

As experts in market analysis, our consultants are able to present comprehensive hospitality market studies that can be used in the process of structuring and securing financial and investment support in a wide range of hospitality segments, brands and geographic locales. 

Feasibility Analysis Consultants

Feasibility analysis for either a new or existing project requires expert evaluation of a site and locational characteristics, quantifying of demand and competitive supply, accurate forecasting of revenues, expenses, and project costs, and conclusive hotel market value based on sound evidence.

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